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This is our latest #2.8 platform revision (internal ref.#723) which consists of bidirectional guaranteed acknowledged messaging from end devices throughout gateway and all the way down to our authority and customer data  screens, views, controls and  manipulations.

The system allowe's pseudo real-time back channel notifications to end devices. 

Data can be consumed using REST API (JSON/JS) , real-time push API ( Java, C#, C/C++, Python, VB/VBA, MS Excel : Linux/Windows).

Information is encrypted using highly optimized block cypher and is stored at i4things tech centre in encrypted format ensuring that customer data cannot be viewed or decrypted by anyone else except the owner of the data. 

Sending notification to the end devices is achieved using signed and encrypted messages ensuring proper authorization from the i4things Authority and strictly private content delivery, decipherable only from the actual owner.

The implementation consists of:

  • Devices (things)
  • Gateway's (industrial  strength border devices  translating between hi-perf IoT protocol and delivering the data using Internet to our Authority)
  • Authority (in charge of storing and streaming data  directly to customer servers and/or applications)
  • Analytics (optional module that can be located at client site or at hosted environment)
  • Display (data visualization and ability to send back notifications to end devices)